Our Lessons

Living Better, Volume 1

Lesson 1: It Just Happens (Part 1)
Believing the lie that “it just happens” cripples our ability to change and keeps us from developing the richness of our own internal world. We are not helpless. We are the key player in our own life.

Lesson 2: It Just Happens (Part 2)
Life doesn’t just happen. God created us to be strong and competent, and He has given us the power to successfully respond to any circumstance.

Lesson 3: It’s Too Late (Part 1)
Believing the powerful lie that “it’s too late” causes us to stay stuck in a pattern of making negative choices. It’s never too late to make our life better. Every moment going forward is an opportunity for positive change.

Lesson 4: It’s Too Late (Part 2)
The past is the past. It’s never too late to make our life better by forgiving ourselves and others. To move forward, we must let go of what once was and instead focus on what can be.

Lesson 5: I Am Not Valuable
Every woman is of great worth to God. We must challenge and address the lie “I am not valuable.” We need to discover our true value, let it change us and build our life on it.

Lesson 6: More Lies (Part 1)
Our negative culture throws many lies at us. We must recognize and properly respond to those lies in order to grow as women and create positive outcomes.

Lesson 7: More Lies (Part 2)
Believing lies that are prevalent in our culture weakens our spiritual foundation and robs us of healthy thinking. God designed us to be competent, powerful women who can change the way we’re living and positively impact our circumstances.

Lesson 8: Getting Real (Part 1)
Although it can be difficult, change is a necessary part of living better. In order to overcome negative thought patterns and reject the lies that surround us, we must choose to do what’s good for us.

Lesson 9: Getting Real (Part 2)
In order to live better, we need to be aware of the sinful aspect within us and the ways it shows up and tries to stop our daily efforts to live well.

Lesson 10: Finding A Solution (Part 1)
To help us resist the influence of our sin nature, we need to find a solution that will deal with the core of who we are and help us overcome these negative elements.

Lesson 11: Finding A Solution (Part 2)
A necessary step toward living better is determining where we see our sin nature’s greatest influences in our life and then thinking about how the solution we choose will help us change in those areas.

Lesson 12: Discovering You (Part 1)
As competent, powerful women, we need to create stabilizing pillars on which to build our future. These “Pillars of Life” are foundational for living a better life.

Lesson 13: Discovering You (Part 2)
It’s not impossible to overcome negative moods. We have the ability to create a positive mood and increase our happiness and joy.

Lesson 14: I See It (Part 1)
We all have a choice about what we focus on. We can get stuck in our negative moods or we can decide to be happy, successful women no matter what life throws at us.

Lesson 15: I See It (Part 2)
Life is both good and bad. We have the ability to make up our own positive way of behaving, feeling and experiencing life.

Lesson 16: You Get To Choose (Part 1)
The strength of our identity is determined by the strength of our foundation. We have the power to build our own foundation through beliefs, principles and experiences. Starting this process with the Pillars of Life starts a journey toward success.

Lesson 17: You Get To Choose (Part 2)
We do not have to accept the negative path we’ve been on. We can build our own strong foundation. When we begin the building process with the Pillars of Life, we start a journey toward success.

Bonus Lesson: Our Spiritual Story
Get to know each presenter as she shares her testimony and discusses her ongoing journey toward living better.

Living Better, Volume 2

Lesson 1: Staying Stuck (Part 1)
Disappointments are part of life, and sometimes we feel like we’re stuck in a pattern of negative experiences. In reality, we are often the cause of many of these negative experiences, which means we have the ability to stop this cycle.

Lesson 2: Staying Stuck (Part 2)
To become the strong women and role models God intended for us to be, we must identify and break free from sabotaging behaviors. With God’s help, we can move beyond negative thinking to do what we know is right.

Lesson 3: Structuring Your Life (Part 3)
We must always find the good in our life and circumstances and turn our challenges into positive opportunities. We have the power to choose a positive mindset.

Lesson 4: Structuring Your Life (Part 4)
Creating a written plan for our life that lists our S.M.A.R.T. goals will help us stay organized, focused and at our best.

Lesson 5: Better Together (Part 1)
Developing and maintaining strong relationships is an essential part of living better. Those relationships serve as a way of measuring our personal development.

Lesson 6: Better Together (Part 2)
What we give to our relationships determines what we get from life. We all need friendship and community.

Lesson 7: I Feel That (Part 1)
Our emotional responses are an important part of who we are. The level of emotional intelligence we have determines how well we guide and use our emotions in everyday life.

Lesson 8: I Feel That (Part 2)
Learning to guide and use our emotional strength helps us build caring relationships with others and live better.

Lesson 9: Whoops (Part 1)
Failing is a part of life. Failure isn’t a negative statement about who we are. It’s a sign that we’re human. We can’t become our best without making mistakes or falling short of a goal.

Lesson 10: Whoops (Part 2)
Every journey involves numerous failures along the way. We must choose to view failures as opportunities to learn and grow stronger.

Lesson 11: Turning Bad Into Good (Part 1)
God created us with amazing personal strength within us. With His help, we can use our past negative experiences to develop these strengths and create a better future.

Lesson 12: Turning Bad Into Good (Part 2)
We’ve all had difficult past experiences, but we can’t let them harm our future. By processing the negative parts of our life and understanding how they contribute to our present, we can gain new strength and develop our full potential.

Lesson 13: Heat (Part 1)
Life is difficult. But life’s “heat” (hardships such as pain, stress, loss and discouragement) can forge and shape us into stronger women.

Lesson 14: Heat (Part 2)
Life is often difficult and unfair. As strong and resilient women, we are capable of accepting and overcoming the challenges that come our way.

Lesson 15: Personal Power (Part 1)
We are all leaders. Our moods, actions and words impact and influence those around us. We must be a wise leader of ourselves and for others.

Lesson 16: Personal Power (Part 2)
We are a leader in every situation. A leader impacts how others think, feel and respond, and is relied on to help meet the needs of others.

Lesson 17: Even More Power (Part 1)
Being a strong leader requires setting aside self-centered thinking and focusing on building up and serving others.

Lesson 18: Even More Power (Part 2)
The greatest leaders are also the greatest servants who choose to give up certain rights for the benefit of others.

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Living Better, Volume 3

Lesson 1: Everyone Has To Deal With It (Part 1)
Lesson 2: Everyone Has To Deal With It (Part 2)
Lesson 3: Getting Tough (Part 1)
Lesson 4: Getting Tough (Part 2)
Lesson 5: Can You Feel It (Part 1)
Lesson 6: Can You Feel It (Part 2)
Lesson 7: Affirmation (Part 1)
Lesson 8: Affirmation (Part 2)
Lesson 9: That Little Thing We Call Conflict (Part 1)
Lesson 10: That Little Thing We Call Conflict (Part 2)
Lesson 11: Not Again! (Part 1)
Lesson 12: Not Again! (Part 2)
Lesson 13: A Look Within (Part 1)
Lesson 14: A Look Within (Part 2)
Lesson 15: Let’s Get to Work (Part 1)
Lesson 16: Let’s Get to Work (Part 2)
Lesson 17: The Most Important Skill (Part 1)
Lesson 18: The Most Important Skill (Part 2)

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Living Better, Volume 4

Lesson 1: The Right Attitude (Part 1)
Lesson 2: The Right Attitude (Part 2)
Lesson 3: Filters (Part 1)
Lesson 4: Filters (Part 2)
Lesson 5: A Look Within (Part 1)
Lesson 6: A Look Within (Part 2)
Lesson 7: Relationship Filters (Part 1)
Lesson 8: Relationship Filters (Part 2)
Lesson 9: Relationship Scars (Part 1)
Lesson 10: Relationship Scars (Part 2)
Lesson 11: Being Fully Present (Part 1)
Lesson 12: Being Fully Present (Part 2)
Lesson 13: Words That Hurt (Part 1)
Lesson 14: Words That Hurt (Part 2)
Lesson 15: Change Your Talk (Part 1)
Lesson 16: Change Your Talk (Part 2)