Our Lessons


Genesis of Woman, Series 1:

Introduction: Highs & Lows
Meet The Genesis of Woman team as they introduce themselves and share high and low points from their lives.

Lesson 1: Value Added
God created us to be relational beings. He specifically designed us as women to help, enhance and add value to the lives of others.

Lesson 2: What Happened
God loves and values us as women. Yet we often choose to believe lies that emphasize what we want instead of focusing on who God is and following the incredible plan He has for our lives.

Lesson 3: Life is Tough
The perfection God created in the Garden of Eden is gone. But with God’s help, we can successfully navigate ourselves and our families through a challenging world.

Lesson 4: We Make Life Tougher
When we encounter hardships and struggles, we must recognize and actively confront our negative traits and allow God to work in and through everything we do.

Lesson 5: What Do We Do
We live in a harsh, destructive world. As a result, we need to protect ourselves and also discover our true self, which allows us to act according to how God designed us.

Lesson 6: Learning How to Protect Yourself
A woman must clothe herself with different forms of relational armor in order to protect herself. A Godly woman uses her armor wisely as she interacts with God and seeks His guidance.

Lesson 7: We Can
God wants us to approach life from a position of strength. We each have many abilities and can be of great significance when we use those abilities for God’s purposes.

Lesson 8: God Only Made One “You”
Every woman has unique, God-given strengths and attributes. Identifying and then using them to become the best you can be will help you develop and follow God’s purpose for your life.


Genesis of Woman, Series 2:

Introduction: Pain & Gain
Get to know The Genesis of Woman team as they each share about a significant painful experience and how that difficulty ultimately brought about something good.

Lesson 1: I Remember
God created us as complex beings with amazing strengths. One important strength is our ability to use past experiences to create filters that help protect and guide us as we navigate life.

Lesson 2: The Mom Factor
Mothers and mother figures play influential roles in our lives. Recalling and evaluating both the positive and negative experiences that we had with our mothers is a necessary part of recognizing and understanding certain filters we’ve put in place.

Lesson 3: The Father Factor
Fathers or father figures play influential roles in our lives. Recalling and evaluating both the positive and negative experiences that we had with our fathers is a necessary part of recognizing and understanding certain filters we’ve put in place.

Lesson 4: Saying Goodbye
The effects of our negative filters can rob us of the enjoyment of life if we don’t learn to overcome our past disappointing and painful experiences and transform them into positive filters.

Lesson 5: Being a Woman of Principle
A woman’s beliefs affect what she expects of herself and her world. The Genesis of Woman team discusses 15 key principles of life which determine the difference between simply being a female and working to become the strong woman that God has called her to be.

Lesson 6: A Woman’s Core
A woman’s core, which includes her soul and spirit, needs to be strengthened and refueled by the disciplines of reading the Bible, prayer, communion, worship and sharing her faith.

Lesson 7: What Is in Your Genes?
A woman of God needs to be aware of her genetic tendencies, patterns and styles of action. She recognizes and appreciates the unique genetic pattern God has given her.

Lesson 8: What Is Worth Dying For?
As part of God’s design, women have built-in primitive reactions that influence their survival. When we guide our instincts, they can be an asset. However, when left imbalanced, they can be harmful.


Genesis of Woman, Series 3:

Introduction: Alive & Active
The Genesis of Woman team members each share a Bible passage that is meaningful to them because of how it helped them through a difficult experience and helped them to gain a better understanding of God’s Word.

Lesson 1: Gut Check
Deep within us are specific instincts that prompt us to respond in certain ways. In order to respond in a manner that glorifies God, we must be aware of and understand both the good and bad reasons of supporting a specific choice.

Lesson 2: Nine Life-Changing Questions
Our God-given ability to think and feel is an important skill which helps us determine the actions we will take. There are nine questions we can ask ourselves in order to evaluate and develop our ability to think and choose wisely.

Lesson 3: I Feel That
In order to live well, a woman must use her emotional brain to increase awareness of her emotions and to perceive the emotions of others. We need to ask God to help us choose when and how to express the many emotions He has given us.

Lesson 4: Making Choices
A significant part of a woman’s core is her mind. Our minds organize four different types of behaviors—lover, friend, crusader, ruler—and makes them readily available as we make daily life choices.

Lesson 5: Loving Well
In order to develop a loving, supportive relationship, a woman must have an understanding of what love is and practice the love skills of L.A.R.G.E. C.A.R.E.

Lesson 6: The Quiet Messenger
A woman’s soul is an integral part of who she is. It searches for truth and the meaning of life, and it guides her as she makes decisions about her faith.

Lesson 7: If I Were God
Every human being has a powerful, self-destructive force within them called a sin nature. Our sin nature negatively influences our core and tries to hinder us from being the woman that God has called us to be. When we receive Jesus Christ into our lives, we are empowered to resist the influence of our sin nature.

Lesson 8: Spiritually Alive
When we choose to live for God by receiving Jesus into our hearts, we experience a spiritual rebirth. We immediately become a part of God’s family and begin an interactive and personal relationship with Him.